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All our memberships are individual memberships and provide 24 hour access to the gym.

We were the first gym in the valley to offer 24 hour access with no contracts annual fees, or cancellation fees. We tied our rates to inflation to preserve the gym’s purchasing power as we continually add new equipment and make improvements, but once you sign up your rate is locked in for as long as you remain a member.

How much does it cost to join this badass gym community?

We have a one time $124 signup fee for all memberships.

The standard rate is $24 per week billed every 4 weeks (plus 2.5% sales tax). 

The math: First payment ($124 + $96) then $96 every 4 weeks.

*10% off standard rate for couples/friends

**15% off standard rate for military, first responders, slopers, and construction workers (extends to spouse as well). The first group keeps our communities safe. The second group builds our world. Linemen count as first responders.

***Members must be 18 years old, however, anyone age 15 to 17 may train free under their parent's membership with parent present at the facility (no one under age 15 may be in the facility).

Guest passes are only offered to friends and family of current members. There is no charge for a member to bring a guest on occasion but if they are lifting regularly they will need to be a member.  Please ensure that your guest has completed a waiver before lifting by having them click signup on the website.

Please DM us on Instagram @blackflagrepublic or contact us by email to schedule a time to check out the gym and get signed up.